United High School Economy Community
액티비티 성장지수
16th July Meeting with Mr. Kim at Korea Economic Education Association
Yesterday, I spent almost two hours talking about current issue of educating elementary school children with Mr. Kim, who is head officer of the education department. He and I shared the envisionage, and we made a general consensus that youth economic education programs different to those already existing are needed--probably UHEC's first attempt to education the kids with new method at Mapo Youth Culture Centre would prove that UHEC is absolutely competent in this matter.

Very soon, I would also meet the president of Aha Economy Press, and cheif of education department in 청소년금융교육협의회. Let's pray that all things we aspire will get done.
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학교 : Daewon Foreign Language High School
사는곳 : South Korea
관심사 : Environmental , Business & Economics , Intl. & Multicultural